Zolie's 1st birthday centerpieces.

M&M ladybug centerpieces. 

Semi-last minute centerpieces! 
As the date neared (the night before), I realized that I didn't spend enough time on the centerpieces! It was okay though because I didn't plan on making anything extravagant/big because we had a candy bar as well which also took a lot of time & planning! 
Anyway, I  planned on making about 12 ribbon topiaries but, MY GOSH they are time consuming! Especially if it's your first time trying to do them but, they are so pretty! ( I don't think I even got close to 12)

& so, for the jars that didn't have topiaries, I put some daisies with little ladybugs! (:
& little Emma peeking!

Depending on the size styrofoam balls you use, I think it's a good idea to use dowels instead of puny skewers! 
It will probably stand a lot better. 

Here are more ribbon topiary photos made by others:

I think this one is made with strips of scrapbooking paper. Super cute!

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