Paint colors! by Behr.

Behr: Silver Leaf.

We chose Behr's 'Silver Leaf' for the living room area; it's hard to tell from the color sample & the terrible photo but, it actually has a very subtle blue tone to it which we love! It looks really crisp & light.
We went with the ultra premium plus paint (paint & primer in one) since it gives better coverage & also got it in semi-gloss for easier cleaning which Zolie already decided to test by coloring on the walls with her washable crayons! & yes, it came right off with a damp paper towel! 

Originally,  we tested out Behr's 'Shimmer' (pictured below) & i loved the color but, it was a bit too light in comparison to the adjacent wall so, we decided to try a shade darker & went with 'April Mist' (above) which we really, really love!
They both look a lot more blue when applied to the wall.

Below is 'April Mist' on our kitchen walls.
(with flash)

(no flash)
The lighting affects the way the color looks so, always test the paint in the actual space before settling on a color. 

For an accent wall in the master bedroom, we chose 'Dark Ash'. We were going to do a straight black color but somehow ended up getting this dark grey color.

I had picked out a sunny yellow color for Zolie's room & really liked the way it looked on the wall, but, after looking through many, many photos of rooms, color schemes & such, we ended up getting 'Almost Pink'.  It's a really light pink color with a hint of salmon. 

(Pictures of 'Dark Ash' & 'Almost Pink' coming soon!) (:


mie1971 said...

i love the april mist. i just painted my backsplash today-i used martha stewart from home depot for the first time. i liked it. i painted it custard(yellow) so now im wondering what i should paint the cabinets. i was going to go gray but it cant be a light gray if the yellow is a pretty mellow shade right???? gray or heavy cream what do you think?

silentai. said...

you can paint your cabinets?
i wanted to paint ours grey too! a light grey. but dad said we can't...
aren't yours like a turquoise now?

mie1971 said...

of course u can. even if it is laminate. if it is you have to use a good primer. zinsser is probably the best one. if its not laminate just same thing. primer and paint. there is also laminate paint for counters so you can use that for the cabinets too.