Updated photos of renovation.

More crappy iPhone photos! (:

Kitchen with finished cabinets and hardware. 
Close-up of cabinets. 

New toilet and flooring in bathroom. 

Replaced vanity faucet. 

Bathroom 2 waiting to be finished. 

Zolie's room stuffed with stuff...

Zolie's storage/tv stand.


More photos.

More [iPhone] photos of cruddy quality... (:

Countertops are now installed! I am very pleased with the way they turned out. I wasn't sure how they'd look because I had to hurry & pick one out of a catalog. Pictures aren't always the best representations of such products. However, they look great! These photos don't do them justice but really, the color, the texture... quite awesome. & affordable! 
(The c-tops costs less than the sink!)

More flooring done! Still a little more to lay down and then the baseboards.
(excuse that ugly light fixture... ): it will be replaced soon!) (:

The carpet & vinyl guy will be installing in the bedrooms and bathrooms tomorrow! I am so stoked!
& I still need to finish touching up the paint!

After that, the electrician will come in to change out all of the light fixtures and install an outlet where the old drop-in range was to install a free standing range (way more affordable than replacing with another drop-in!).  We had such troubles with that old drop-in.... seeing that they don't even make those anymore! hah. 
The plumber also needs to come in to change out the bath fixtures and to install the kitchen fixtures then......... DONE! 
for the most part... 


Some new photos of the renovation progress.

A few [iPhone] photos of the progress of our kitchen & living area flooring.
Maple cabinets. 
Glass tile backsplash will be added to that ugly yellow-orange area to go above the range. 

White-washed oak flooring. & Zolie checking out her new floor...

Everything should be completed by next week! (: