Inspiration. (on a budget!)

We got our keys for our new place yesterday! & finally get to remodel/decorate freely!
& also realized we have only about one month to try and remodel. (the owners of our current rental want to move back in by August 31. which I also just found out a couple days ago!) With such a short time period and a tiny budget, we need to figure out where to allocate costs & time. 

We've picked out our flooring & the color should look similar to the above photo. I hope! 

We all know that cabinetry & countertops can be quite costly & unfortunately, we're in no position to gut the kitchen and get a brand new one. bummer! It's really not that depressing though because paint and accessorizing can do A LOT.
We're still trying to decide on whether to change out the countertops to just a temporary laminate, and whether to paint the cabinet doors.  Right now, both the cabinets and c-tops are white; although I do appreciate that- they are a bit beat-up. 

I think we will be painting an accent wall along the dining area into the kitchen area & adding a glass tile backsplash (still unsure on color) behind the range. Which can be done yourself for a really affordable cost!

In the master bedroom, we will be painting an accent wall (probably the shorter one) with black! I've been in love with black walls for so long & have been waiting for the opportunity to paint my own! 

This room is so great. Black wall & The Beatles! with the low profile bed! <3

Chevron wall... I'd love to do this with paint but, this is a great option as well! - Contact paper! We'll see...
DIY info: here.

Kiddie art corner! I absolutely love this idea!
Since we are planning on turning the 2nd. bedroom into an office rather than a bedroom, I was thinking of also adding this space in there for Zolie! It'd be perfect! 
{fyi: that little table/chairs in the photo are decorated with Japanese mt tape! which I love!}

Especially since I will be putting my desk in the closet!
Like this! Probably won't look as pretty but, the concept is there...
Hopefully my big desk will fit in our closet.

This project will get started on asap as well! DIY tufted headboard!
DIY info: here.

I will be taking photos of the space as is & sharing our step by step phases! 

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mie1971 said...

did you check out some eco friendly flooring and countertops? there are some really nice recycled material countertops. not sure on the cost though. and i'm loving cork floors. they are much softer & i think its naturally like antibacterial. i'll look for you.